Yusef al-Massri

Scion of Anubis


Yusef was born in Alexandria to an Egyptian father and a Greek mother. He spent his first ten years or so in that city before the family moved to Gibraltar where he lived until he was 21.
Well educated, intelligent, with a gift for (old) languages and sciences, Yusef was accepted into Oxford University where he studied for a Bachelors and then a Masters degree in ancient languages.

Yusef is 27 years old, slim and below average height.
He has an uncanny nimbleness about him as well as a tireless energy. However, his most distinctive feature is his dark eyes. Few people come away from meeting him without remarking on his piercing gaze, how he seems to be staring into your very heart and judging your worth.

Yusef is naturally intelligent and charming with an air of refinement. He has only a few close friends but he is fiercely loyal to them.

Yusef al-Massri

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